Macrocarpa Timber

 Sawn-to-order posts, beams, sleepers, post and rail fencing, and custom sawn Macrocarpa to give you the right product for the job!

Macrocarpa is renowned for its natural durability and has many uses. It is a chemical free option and a renewable eco-friendly species.


Macrocarpa's natural durability makes it a great choice for outdoor settings and interior detailing, as its knotty features allow for a creative, rustic look. Macrocarpa sleepers are the first choice for landscapers, and Macrocarpa beams make stunning architectural features. 

Our Products

Post & Rail

We manufacture Post & Rail fencing to individual customer requirements. Naturally durable, macrocarpa is the preferred choice for attractive, long lasting fencing.

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Sleepers and landscaping

Our most popular product, macrocarpa sleepers are an excellent choice for  many landscaping projects including garden beds, stairs, chunky furniture projects, and garden detailing. We also provide custom sizing in posts and pailings for landscaping projects. 

Beams and Pergolas

Our ability to mill and handle large sizes of timber make us the supplier of choice for specialty macrocarpa projects. We work with post and beam building companies across New Zealand to help people create stunning features in their homes and other spaces.

Specialty Milling

With over 26 years of experience in the milling industry, we have the expertise to offer quality advice on your project, and are able to process a wide variety of custom milling jobs. We pride ourselves on securing the best macrocarpa log stocks and transforming them into high value lumber.


We can provide macrocarpa for posts, beams, weatherboard, decking, framing, and flooring, and regularly work with tradesmen and contractors to fill the requirements of their customers. 

Bulk Dispatch

We have the capacity to fill large orders for timber, and regularly send bulk loads across New Zealand for housing, timber retailers, and construction projects.

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