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Timber Direct Otago specializes in Macrocarpa timber.

Macrocarpa is renowned for its natural durability and has many uses.

Macrocarpa is the most durable of all the exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand. Macrocarpa is a chemically free option and a renewable eco-friendly species harvested by small scale logging operations. Macrocarpa looks and works like New Zealand Kauri.

Macrocarpa is a semi-dense softwood that is becoming increasingly popular for flooring and as a furniture timber.  Its natural durability makes it a great choice for outdoor furniture and its knotty grades allow for a creative, rustic look. Macrocarpa sleepers are first choice for landscapers and Macrocarpa beams are stunning architectural features.


Macrocarpa Qualities

Botanical Name: Cupressus macrocarpa

Colour: Closest in colour to kauri –heartwood is golden brown.

Grain: Fine texture with mostly straight grain. The knotty grades present a more rustic appearance with many knots and defects.

Durability: Macrocarpas durability makes it a sought after timber. Inside it will last indefinitely. Outside it can be used above ground without chemical treatment.

Working Properties: Machines and sands well and when dry will take a range of paint’s, oils, and varnishes.

Drying: Dries well as long as it has been given an opportunity to air dry before kiln drying.



Macrocarpa can be visually graded. Grades range from clears with no knots to the more rustic pieces.

Clear grade: free of knots and defects.
Dressing Grade: has small tight knots and some minor defects.
Landscaping: low grade that has knots and defects, unsuitable for structural use.


Uses Include

Macrocarpa Interior Furniture: replaces native timbers well.
Macrocarpa outdoor furniture: the knotty grade allowing for a creative, rustic look.
Macrocarpa decking: profiled to individual requirements great chemical free option
Macrocarpa weatherboards: natural looking and very cost effective.
Macrocarpa T&G flooring: Macrocarpa flooring is a beautiful honey/gold colour that has a distinctive grain. Flooring grade has small, tight knots. As macrocarpa is a relatively soft timber, this needs to be considered when being placed in high traffic areas.
Macrocarpa Sleepers: the first choice for landscapers.
Macrocarpa Architraves: clean straight lines matching modern interior designs.
Macrocarpa Exposed Beams: stunning architectural features.
Macrocarpa Palings: visually effective.

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